Sculptural installation 
Wood and paint 
14 x 4m 

Based on the "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet (1914-1928), the installation seeks to rescue a topography of the depth, a place of fear: there where the immeasurable is only sustained on the surface by pure points of light -like lilies -, which float in a vacuum/full. This piece is a counterpart to the installation BLACK SPIRIT-CANCER, 2013 done in the woods of northern Scotland during an artist residency.
In astronomy, the intersection between the vertical of the observer and the celestial sphere is called nadir (from Arabic ندير nadir or نظير nathir, "opposite"). In the opposite direction is the zenith.
By extension, nadir is also used to refer to the lowest point or moment of greatest adversity of a process. In oncology it is used to refer to the moment of activation of chemotherapy drugs.

Vistas de la instalación, madera pintada, 4 x 14 m, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, 2016
Fotografías por Manuel Becerril
Bocetos y dibujos para la pieza, lápices de colores y tinta / papel, 2015
Reproducción de Les Nuages, ca. 1920 , Claude Monet, L'Orangerie: Sala 1, Muro Norte.
El mural sirve como base compositiva para la instalación, traduciendo los puntos de mayor luz a la mayor altura de los polines de madera y, respectivamente, los de mayor oscuridad por los más bajos.
Bocetos y maqueta para la traducción de luminosidad a volúmenes en la instalación.
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